Twitter Executive Wins Court Injunction to Stop Elon Musk Firing Her

  • Twitter’s global vice-president for public policy secured an injunction to stop her being fired.  
  • Sinead McSweeney didn’t resign but was locked out from company systems, the Irish Times reported. 
  • McSweeney said she was “unable to work” or get into the Dublin office and had to seek an injunction.

A Twitter executive in Ireland obtained a court injunction to stop the company from firing her after she was given a severance package offer despite not resigning, the Irish Times reported

Sinead McSweeney, the global vice-president for public policy, maintains that she didn’t resign, but said she’s since been treated as though she was no longer a Twitter employee.

Despite ignoring Elon Musk’s email telling staff to sign up to his “extremely hardcore” work culture or quit, Twitter told McSweeney that she had accepted its severance package. 

A High Court judge granted McSweeney a temporary injunction on Friday to stop Twitter from terminating her contract and applying Musk’s conditions from the ultimatum email to her employment status. 

McSweeney said she was left “unable to work” and was concerned Twitter had “resigned me” after she didn’t respond to the email due to the lack of clarity about a number of issues, the Irish Times reported. 

The Twitter executive was left humiliated and upset after being locked out of Twitter’s systems, email and the Dublin office. 

Lawyers representing McSweeney wrote to Twitter, which accepted that she didn’t plan to resign, according to the report. The company said her dedication to her role “had never been questioned” and that she’ll regain access to internal systems. 

The judge who granted the injunction said McSweeney was in “no man’s land” over her employment status but wouldn’t force Twitter to reinstate her at this time.  

Twitter and McSweeney did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider. 

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