29 Best Horror Books to Read in 2022, From Classics to Thrillers

  • Great horror novels can be scary, thrilling, or grotesque. 
  • These books include Stephen King classics and new releases. 
  • These horror picks make great gifts and late-night reads.

If you crave the skin-crawling, adrenaline-spiking, can’t-look-away feeling of scary movies and haunted houses, then horror books might be the perfect fit for you. 

From paranormal short stories to horror classics like Stephen King’s “It,” horror novels give us the creepy-crawling feeling that stays long after we’ve closed the book and turned off the light. Whether you’re searching for your first gory horror read or a new page-turning thriller, here are the best horror books to read in 2022.

The 29 best horror books to read in 2022:

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