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This is an opinion editorial by Boomer, a long-time and active member of the financial independence/retire early (FIRE) movement and a contributor for Bitcoin Magazine.

I was recently inspired after reading Tomer Strolight’s piece, “Bitcoiners Are Not Toxic — They Have Integrity.”

For context, I read it a few days after Nic Carter’s “situation” really exploded on Twitter, and Strolight’s article really resonated with me. To be clear, I have a great deal of respect for Carter and all the good work he’s done for the Bitcoin community, especially the work he’s done to debunk the energy fear, uncertainty and doubt out there. Like him or hate him, he really is one of the most important voices Bitcoin has in the energy and mining space. Over the past few weeks, he’s been taking it on the chin from many people in the community for investments in “blockchain” and “crypto” companies through his venture capital investment firm, Castle Island Ventures. In his defense, he’s been very transparent about his investments in these projects, talking about them quite openly on his “On The Brink” podcast for at least a year. In retaliation to the criticism, Carter has written a few articles and appeared on a few podcasts where he’s punched back at the critics, calling out a vocal group in the Bitcoin space known as “toxic Bitcoin Maximalists” or derogatorily “toxic maxis.” I don’t intend to go over exactly what was said about him or what he said back, but the whole thing has gotten pretty ugly. In this humble pleb’s opinion, it feels childish. It might be a symptom of the bear market that people in Bitcoin are turning on each other, or maybe it’s the Bitcoin immune system doing its job.

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