US Helping China Investigate Boeing Crash That Killed 132 People

  • Seven US investigators arrived in China to help figure out what cause a Boeing jetliner to crash. 
  • China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 crashed on March 21, killing 132 people on board. 
  • Since the plane was manufactured in the US, investigators are able to assist China, The AP reported.

A team of seven US investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board arrived in China this weekend to help officials there figure out what caused a Boeing jetliner to crash last month, CAAC News, a part of the Civil Aviation Administration of China, said on Saturday

NTSB announced on Friday that the team had departed for China to assist in the investigation. The plane crash killed all 132 people on board. 

“Investigators will limit interactions with those outside of investigation similar to safety protocols at Beijing Olympics, which will allow them to begin work immediately without a quarantine,” NTSB said in a tweet

China Eastern Airlines flight MU5735 crashed in Guangxi, southern China. on March 21. The Boeing 737-800 was carrying 132 people, including nine crew members. 

Insider previously reported that flight data showed that the plane started a rapid descent from 29,000 feet in the air before hitting the ground minutes later. 

The Associated Press reported that US investigators are assisting because the plane was manufactured in the US.

The plane’s cockpit voice recorder has also been sent to an NTSB facility in Washington D.C., The Washington Post reported.

The voice recorder, which was discovered at the crash site, could give investigators information about the communications between the flight’s three pilots, Reuters reported. 

According to Reuters, Chinese state media said the cause of the crash needs to be released in a timely manner following a Standing Committee of the Communist Party’s politburo meeting. The committee is China’s highest decision-making group, Reuters reported.  




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