Chris Christie ‘Very Strongly’ Considering Running for President

  • Michael Cohen says Chris Christie ‘is considering, very strongly’ running against Donald Trump.
  • In his latest podcast, Cohen described talking to Christie recently about his plans.
  • ‘There is no love between Donald Trump and Chris Christie,’ Cohen says.

Chris Christie is “very strongly” thinking of running for president against Donald Trump, Michael Cohen says in his latest podcast.

“He already told me that he is considering, very strongly, about this run,” Cohen said of Christie, who has been taking a stronger public stance against Trump of late, but who has so far dodged the question of whether he will run.

“Especially if Trump decides to stay into the race,” Cohen told podcast guest Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI Assistant Director for counterintelligence.

Cohen said in the latest installment of his “Mea Culpa” podcast that he learned of Christie’s thinking when he ran into the former New Jersey governor a couple of weeks ago, at Fresco by Scotto, a restaurant in Midtown Manhattan.


“He jumped up and he gave me a hug, and he told me, ‘I’m so sorry for what you went through,'” the Trump fixer-turned-critic said.

“He’s going to run, by the way, for president. I guarantee that one. He already told me that he’s considering, very strongly, about this run especially if Trump decides to stay into  the race.” 

He added, “There is no love between Trump and Chris Christie. Let me rephrase that — there is no love by Chris Christie for Donald Trump. 

“In fact, whether you like Chris Christie or not, he, like any normal human being, is absolutely fucking repulsed by Donald. By Donald’s behavior. With all of the chaos that this son of a bitch is sowing each and every day — and without having social media.” 

Christie did not immediately return messages seeking comment on Cohen’s remarks, but there has been some speculation on his chances for 2024,  including in the Washington Post  in December and in Vanity Fair the month before that.

The two-time Republican governor, who ran unsuccessfully against Trump in the 2016 Republican primary, has been taking stronger shots at Trump of late.

On Tuesday, he took a not-too-veiled shot at Trump for calling Putin a “genius” for invading Ukraine. 

“He’s a very calculating politician,” Cohen said of Christie in the podcast.  “And right now the wave is not riding in Donald’s favor. We’re seeing numbers falling as far as his popularity is concerned. Even amongst Republicans.”

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