American Airlines Created New Main Select Cabin Fare


  • American Airlines has created a new cabin fare, dubbed “Main Select,” to attract business travelers.
  • The fare is available on key business markets across the US, like Los Angeles, Washington DC, and New York.
  • Main Select complements JetBlue’s “Blue Extra” fare option that targets business customers.

American Airlines is launching a brand new cabin fare in an effort to lure business travelers. 

American’s new “Main Select” cabin fare will “reimagine travel for business customers” by bringing the perks typically reserved for AAdvantage Elite members to economy class. According to the airline, the new option is fully refundable, offers priority check-in, priority security, priority boarding, free same-day flight changes, and, most notably, the opportunity to choose any seat in the economy cabin, including Main Cabin Extra.

According to American’s website, Main Cabin Extra seats are located towards the front of the plane and offer additional legroom and complimentary beer, wine, and spirits. However, alcohol service is still suspended in economy due to the pandemic.

American Airlines Main Select cabin fare

American Airlines Main Select cabin fare

American Airlines

The airline explained it will offer the fare on select key business routes across the US, including LaGuardia Airport to Chicago O’Hare International Airport, LaGuardia Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and Boston Logan International Airport to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The option will also be available in a handful of other markets, like Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles, according to the carrier.

“We are revamping the high-frequency travel experience to meet the needs of today’s business customers,” American chief revenue officer Vasu Raja said. “That means creating an easy and seamless travel experience that has the amenities they want, the flexibility they need and a network that offers access to any destination they want to go.”

Main Select complements JetBlue’s “Blue Extra” fare that targets business customers, offering advanced seat selection, priority security, early boarding, same-day standby, and same-day flight changes. However, unlike Main Select, Blue Extra is not fully refundable, though customers can add that option, and travelers cannot choose JetBlue’s Even More Space seat that offers additional legroom.

With the Northeast Alliance growing, American has ended its shuttle service program that connected LaGuardia, Washington DC, Boston, and Chicago O’Hare. Instead, JetBlue will be the alliance’s sole operator between Boston and LaGuardia. Moreover, the two airlines will strategically time their flights between other high-frequency routes, like Boston and Washington DC, to give travelers more options.

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